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Safer light multi purpose Pliers: easy to use, safe, easy to handle.

These pliers will prevent the operator to touch directly any type of waste, for safety and hygiene.

Use safer light multi purpose pliers for collecting syringes, cans, small items, bottles, paper, etc. The operator won't have to pick trash up with its own hands, preventing it to harm itself with broken glass and other potentially harmful left-overs.

These pliers are easy to use and reliable for a long time, its stick is long enough to keep the operator from bowing repetedly, preventing back problems.

Its grip is super strong, it's capable of picking up even the slippery, round, glass bottles on the ground and the slim papers or left over cigarettes.

Its handle is comfortable for longer use and the trigger is easy to pull and manage for best handling the different sizes and weighs of all type of waste, it's slim and light so that it would be easy to carry it around at all times without finding it an useless burden for the operator.

Length: 1000 mm

Package: boxes with 10 pieces

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