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21 teeth ppl traditional universal leaves rake

Rake with universal handle for leaves and waste collection

This rake it's the traditional one, eco-friendly and resilient this tool can become a long-term aid for the operator who will be able to collect leaves and other types of waste easily and steadily without hurting the environment. traditional universal leaves rake comes with a universal stick attachment for a fast and effortless change in case of need. Its 21 teeth make it work very well on a pretty wide area without pushing the waste on the sides causing them to slide out and consequently slow the operator down who will have to spend more time on the same spot to manage to collect leaves and waste. traditional universal leaves rake is pretty light and easy to use, effective without having to apply a lot of strength and so it is easy on the operator too.

Being made of plastic, the teeth can not rust even if exposed to a bad weather, moreover, their flexibility makes them  perfect on every surface without the risk of breaking or permanent bending; the recommended wooden stick would just be the perfect choice for an eco-friendly rack tool.

Package: box with 25 pieces