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With handle


Patented model, with recyclable wavy ppl filaments, sturdy handle and firmly secured strands for a smaller and more resilient everyday broom.

Smaller flexible broom Petit is the replacement of old sorghum brooms.

No more loose wooden strands, and no more fast wearing of your broom.

The plastic sheath stiching with metal stitches and the material used guarantee a longer life compared to normal brooms also in all tough situations. Wavy and eco-friendly strands to pick up the smallest dirt being easy on the environment.

Being smaller will help reaching every dirt in corners and will make it faster and easier for the operator to complete its work.

Smaller flexible broom petit has a handle fixed to the broomstick with an iron strap and punched with nails.

Filaments length: 300 mm

Package: boxes with 10 pieces