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With electro–welded and galvanized metal mesh this reinforced metal sack holder stand is perfect under every weather: it won't rust and it's sturdy enough to prevent unwanted bending of the net.

This reinforced metal sack holder stand is made for Urban Furniture and is equipped with a ring to help hold the sack in place, its metal structure is durable and sturdy and it is big enough to contain a huge sack for the most comfortable use.

This model can be customized by color and label as the customer's necessities calls.
This reinforced metal sack holder stand has a pedal that easily opens the lid and lets the operator take out the sack without touching the actual structure, the old one can then be replaced quickly and effortlessly.

This lets the operator keep its hands free so that it could be faster and lowers the hindrance of all the changing operations.


The capacity is 110 litres.

Guaranteed against weather conditions: this galvanized perch is resilient to the weather, even the harshest and is rust proof, meaning it could be left under the rain and it would not rust or be damaged by it.

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