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Regolable angle broom briscolina is made of wavy recyclable ppl filaments.

Regolable angle broom Briscolina

Regolable angle broom Briscolina is eco-friendly and efficient to help minimize time and maximize performances.

The inclined bristles, punched on lath polypropylene, allow a perfect adherence to the ground . The attachment is at variable positions up to 45 ° allowing a customized handle adjustment by the user that will find it easier and better to work with. Being wavy, the plastic strands can pick up even the trikiest of dirt making it more efficient on the surface and easing the load of work of the operator who will be able to cover a larger area in the same time with less effort and frustration.

Regolable angle broom briscolina is available in two versions: support length 40 cm or 45 cm

The lightness and maneuverability of this broom give the operator the ability to work even in areas difficult to reach so as to work faster, easing the operator burden.

Package: boxes with 6 pieces