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It is the best for small spaces, narrow streets, courtyards, lanes and sidewalks where the risk of cutting or poking a tire is very high.

This space saving sack holder cart look is made out of painted Iron, being so agile it's perfect for when the operator has to work in narrow areas and there is no place for big carts.

Space saving sack holder cart is foldable in one movement for better storage and easy transport; this cart is the perfect aid in small and narrow streets and palces where the operator has to be careful during all its work not to hindrance traffic or be in any danger caused by the big size of the cart in such small palces.

Space saving sack holder cart is equipped with a carrying case and attachments for 2 brooms with a pressure bag–stop system. Its tires are sturdy and durable and won't ever go flat, moreover, their design keeps the from doing any unwanted and troublesome noise.

Solid rubber tires anti-noise and run-flat

Wheel diameter : 200 mm

Color: gray aluminum