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Antica Roma street cleaner cart designed for the traditional sweeping of streets opened to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, for a swift and easy work: this is the cart.

Big wheels to lighten the work, attachments to hang brooms and a lot of other useful tools as a shovel and a dustpan.

Metal body for resilience and convenient high capacity for this Antica Roma street cleaning cart.

Antica Roma street cleaner cart is easy to use and makes the work effortless; it lets the operator work steadily and safely on the street thanks to its high maneuverability. 

Easy on the operator and easy to use. It comes with a metal box equipped with a lock, for the operator personal effects or little utilities of sorts, and handles to easily guide it through the sweeping area.

Patterned tubular frame 30 mm in diameter

Total length with wheels 130 cm - width 60 cm

6-spoke glass fiber wheels. 600 mm in full gray rubber

Sheet metal storage box with lid.

Hang brooms, shovel and two handlebars for carts guides

Epoxy powder coating - gray ral 7040

Total weight 25 kg