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With handle


Patented model, it is made of recyclable wavy ppl filaments

The durable outdoor Verdemec broom is a perfect replacement for old sorghum brooms, wide and eco-friendly its strands are sturdier than sorghum and they will last a lot more.

The plastic sheath stiching with metal stitches and material used, guarantee a longer life compared to normal brooms also in all tough situations.

Durable outdoor verdemec broom is perfect for everyday use outdoors: it won't leave strands behind and, being they wavy, it is capable of sweep even the most obstinate dirt.

Its stitches make the Verdemec very reliable to work with and the operator can work knowing the strands won't come off.

Durable outdoor verdemec broom has a handle fixed to the broomstick with an iron strap and punched with nails.

Length of broom filaments: 350 mm

Packages: boxes with 10 pieces